A Moment of Gratitude

The Covid 19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and it is a challenge to see the positives, in such devastating and uncertain times. Yet, this is what I am seeking to do, so I may stay present and show my gratitude, because I do have a lot to be grateful for.

As an educator, the transition to distance learning was filled with anxiety and was a challenge, yet it was necessary to push through for the learners. Once I got over the sleepless nights and the dramatic increase in my workload, I began to see some some positive glimmers, like these crocus flowers poking through the snow.

Crocus in the snow…

Here are some of the beautiful moments that I want to continue to nurture as I move forward as an educator.

First, I want to honor our learners who demonstrated such resilience, empathy and a desire to learn. They might not have learnt everything on our curriculum, but the learning certainly continued.

Secondly, I am grateful for the partnerships that were strengthened between educators and families. During our end of year conferences between our learners, their parents and myself, so many families expressed a better understanding of their children and the desire to continue to working alongside teachers in the next academic year. In my books, this can only be a good thing.

Next, I want to recognize the educators I work with. Our journey to come together as a cohesive team has been long and bumpy, as we worked to understand each other and mesh different perspectives and ways of working. Though physically, there was more distance between us, in the last few months we are now closer and our collective teacher efficacy is so much stronger.

I would also like to recognize all the educators that have stepped up to support each other. So many educators are sharing resources, answering questions creating tutorials, PDs and more. The one group I would like to highlight the most, is The Bitmoji Craze for Educators group on Facebook. Through this group I have learnt so much, it has honestly really helped me to up my tech skills to be a better educator. Not only that, it has been amazing to be a part of such a supportive group of educators, so if you need a bit of sunshine in your life, check them out.

Crocus in the spring

Author: Raana Hibbs

A mother, wife and educator. I am passionate about learning.

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