I am an introvert. I am far more comfortable hiding behind the scenes, or investing time in building relationships. It seems counter intuitive to be putting myself out there, setting up a Twitter account and publishing a blog. Yet, here I am.

Digging deeper…

Four years ago, our family made the decision to venture into international teaching. We moved from the UK to Mozambique and began our journey as IB PYP teachers. This is my fourth year as a Kindergarten teacher. Like any journey, it has had its ups and downs, and best of all I feel like I have grown as an educator.

To honor the learners I am privileged to learn alongside, I need to continue my professional development.  The best way to do this is through developing a professional learning network. So here I am, pushing my boundaries and sharing my experiences, wonderings, mistakes and reflections, with the desire to continue to learn from a greater learning community.

I look forward to your contributions and challenges, so that we may grow together, and honor our learners.

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