Learning to Find Our Own Way

Last week we began our unit of inquiry, Who We Are, with a provocation. We decided to use the Pixar Short Film, Piper. We used the visual thinking routine 10 x 2, to share what we noticed. During the first round, Learners noticed general details. It was at a beach, the baby bird wanted food, she saw crabs etc. In the second round, their observations focused around learning.

“The mummy wanted her to learn how to get food.”

“She was scared of the waves, but she tried.”

“She learnt from her friends the crabs”

and the thought that stuck with me the most, was:

“She tried different things and found her own way of finding food.”

These Kindergartners are beginning to understand that by following their own learning path, they will each make their own unique discoveries. They are beginning to unpick the importance of a growth mindset to fulfill their potential. They have given me another reason to follow the path of personalized learning to help each learner find their own way.

Our next step is the understand our own attitudes towards learning and find what helps and hinders each of us with our learning.  Inspired by Shirley Clarke’s @shirleyclarke_  and John Hattie’s @john_hattie new book Visible Learning: Feedback, (on Amazon or AmazonUK) we are going to survey our learners to find out more about mindsets towards learning and inquire into zones of learning. After that we are going to explore learning through passion projects.

I’ll let you know how it goes!You learn at your best when you have something you care about and can get pleasure in being engaged in.

Author: Raana Hibbs

A mother, wife and educator. I am passionate about learning.

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